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R & D Purchasing Engineer1Jiangsu、 0
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Job requirements:
1, bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years experience in cost accounting;
2, familiar with the manufacturing cost accounting, has a strong cost accounting, analysis, control and management capabilities, the formation of ERP related costs and related experience and in-depth understanding;
3, familiar with the use of office office software, related ERP system experience;
4, good learning ability, financial analysis ability, communication ability and team spirit;
5, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, pragmatic, able to work under pressure.
Job responsibilities:
1, accounting related products production costs, sales costs and daily work;
Collection and distribution of 2 ERP system, cost factors, differences and problems, collect relevant cost information feedback and improvement;
3, the preparation of cost analysis report, the preparation of operating cost reports;
4, gradually establish and improve the cost accounting, cost analysis, cost control system;
5. Supervise and implement the production and supply chain business process improvement.

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